March 2018

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According to Apple, there are over 16 million registered ‘Apple Developers’, programmers developing software for their platforms (macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS) and using their languages (Swift, ObjC) and technologies. However, there is a notable lack of centralised information for all these people!

Over at CoreCode we’ve been frustrated by the lack of online information concerning software development for Apple’s platforms over the past few decades.

Specifically there is a lack of information about news & resources:

  • News: There are more than a billon websites, but there is no single website that exhaustively covers news of interest to Mac & iOS developers. Yes, there is Apple’s News Site, but it only covers their own stuff. Apart from that, there is basically nothing. There is no way to stay up-to-date, unless you have a large collection of carefully researched sites that you visit regularly and a lot of developer-friends tipping you off about new things. We want to remedy this situation with our Apple-Developer News site. We’ll start by covering the things that have happened in the past few weeks to make up for our delayed launch. After that we aim to cover everything thats interesting for ‘Apple Developers’ basically in realtime. Of course your tips about news are welcome!
  • Resources: There are quite a few interesting things for ‘Apple Developers’ out there. Specifically crafted great apps, tools & services. Awesome libraries & frameworks. Insightful online resources, blogs & podcasts. Books and conferences. However, there is no single, easy way to find out about all that stuff. We are launching our Apple-Developer Resources site today, filled with over 350 hierarchically organised links to interesting resources. More to come in the following weeks, and we’re also looking forward to your suggestions for things to add.

Thats basically it: We are launching the today with a lot of excellent resources in the Resources section. The News section will be filled over the next few days with recent items and then (hopefully) kept up-to-date with everything thats happening related to Mac- & iOS-developement.

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your comment below!