May 2018 guys release ‘App Architecture’ book

The amazing guys over at have done it again and published their new book about ‘App Architecture – iOS Application Patterns in Swift’. This is probably the most interesting book launch of 2018 for Apple Developers. They discuss and compare five major application design patterns: MVC, MVVM, MVC+ViewState, MAVB, and “The Elm Architecture”. Also, staying true to their domain name, they promise to keep the ObjC angle covered too, for guys like us that still refuse to switch to Swift. Feel free to browse our “offline library” – perhaps you find some more interesting books there. (more…)

AppCode 2018.2 in Beta, Kotlin/Native v0.7 released

The guys over at JetBrains have released a beta version of their upcoming AppCode 2018.2 IDE for ObjC & Swift with database support and inline-renaming for Swift, check out the release announcement here.

Also, there is a new version of their Kotlin/Native Plugin that allows to use Swift/ObjC from Kotlin and vice versa. Kotlin/Native is probably the most actively developed ‘Cocoa Bridge’ at the moment. You can find links to Kotlin/Native and dozens of other bridged or native languages for Cocoa on our languages-page in the resources section.

Swift SE-0054 Reimplementation of Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals

SE-0054 Abolish ImplicitlyUnwrappedOptional has been implemented in recent Swift snapshots and eliminates some inconsistencies in type checking. Head over to the to learn more or listen to Episode 58 of ‘Swift Unwrapped’, which has been dedicated to this issue. Note that both the official blog as well as the ‘Swift Unwrapped’ Podcast are listed in our Online Resources Page along with countless other valuable resources.

 Apple Developers form ‘Union’ to get Apple to implement free trials on the the (Mac) App Store

Good news, everyone! We don’t believe any developer is truly happy with the Mac & iOS App Store. Lets examine the problems:

• While the Sandbox is a good idea in principle, most non boring-document-editing apps can’t be squeezed into the Sandbox, at least not without some exceptions, which Apple disallows on their store.
• The 30/70% revenue split is probably not what you’d call ‘Fair’.
• Apple doesn’t like a try-before-you-buy model and explicitly forbids developers to mention existence of free demo versions on our homepages.

To be fair, some other issues like review times or the inability to respond to user-reviews have mostly been addressed.

Now, a group of developers has formed ‘The Developer’s Union’ and the first item on their agenda is to pressure Apple into allowing Free Trials on the (Mac) App Store. This would be awesome, as disgruntled people who bought by accident are a major cause of concern. So, we’ve already ‘pledged’ 14 apps to the cause. Introducing Related Projects to Swift Forums

Apple ^H^H^H^H^H has given some kind of official blessing to a number of Swift-related projects by hosting special sub-forums for these projects in the official Swift forums:

So, if you are into Swift, you should probably check out these ‘Blessed’ Swift Projects:

SwiftLint (code-style) as well as SwiftNIO (network-framework) and SwiftProtobuf (protobuf wrapper) are probably the ones of the most general interest.

Official Swift Forums

Again some news for the Swift-Community. This actually happened in January, but we are still catching up to the news that happened while we were preparing for the launch of ‘’. The motivation for our site has been the lack of resources for Apple-Developers. And one of the best news regarding these resources (besides the launch of our site, obviously) has been the launch of the official Swift Forums back in January.
It seems that the void that the demise of Apple Developer Mailing-Lists has left slowly gets filled – finally some good news regarding the awful lack of resources for Apple Developers.
Just one question, what’s with the ObjC developers?

Swift Playgrounds 2.1

Apple invests a lot of energy in making Swift look like an easy-to-learn language, despite the fact that anyone already knowing C can learn ObjC in an afternoon, but struggle to fully comprehend Swift even after years of training.

The Swift Playgrounds is a great, visual way to get started with programming in general and Swift in particular for children of all ages.

Version 2.1 has been released but unfortunately there is still no Mac version. So perhaps we will never learn how to use Swift.

DotSwift 2018 Videos Online

Videos from the DotSwift 2018 in Paris are now online and there have been some interesting presentations! Check out the videos and bridge the gap until apple’s WWDC videos will be online – probably in June.

Upcoming conferences from our offline resources list:

  • UIKof May 13–16, 2018, Berlin
  • WWDC June 4–8 2018, San Jose (with additional conferences around the WWDC)
  • trySwift June 8 2018, San Jose
  • 360|iDev August 26–29 2018, Denver