June 2018

 WWDC 2018: New Tools, Frameworks, APIs, Operating Systems and much more

Yes its the most important week of the year again for any apple developer. WWDC! And according to Apple’s Keynote now there are over 20 million of us!

Apple has announced a lot of stuff in their Keynote, i’m sure the whole internet is filled with coverage of that. Lets have a quick glance at whats actually important for developers:

  • macOS 10.14 and iOS 12 with new APIs. we are still digging through the developer documentation to figure out what actually changed under the hood and at an API-level, like i am sure many of you are doing right now too. this year its actually considerably harder to find out whats new because Apple has discontinued their old developer documentation which always contained super-handy release-notes documents and replaced it with a flashy all-new documentation thats actually quite useless. at this point we can say for certain that there have been few large changes in key frameworks like Foundation/AppKit (things kinda died down here around 10.6) and the focus has been on extending recently released frameworks like ARKit and Core ML as well as tvOS and CarPlay changes. Apart from that we got 4 new Frameworks to play with:
    • Natural Language‘ a framework for processing Natural Language, this fits nicely with Apple’s recent machine learning focus
    • iTunesLibrary‘ a framework for interacting with iTunes, which is quite welcome on macOS where the only way to interact with iTunes has always been the scripting bridge, which has barely been accepted on the Mac App Store. we’ve already filed a bug report about this framework
    • Network‘ an aptly named framework to implement low level TCP/UDP networking
    • AuthenticationServices‘, which if it will prevent iOS apps asking for passwords that only exist in the Keychain will be get all our thumbs up
  • a “brand new Mac App Store”. i am sure there is much excitement about that and the visual overhaul is certainly welcome for users and the addition of the SKStoreReviewController API is certainly welcome for developers but lets not forget 1.) it has taken Apple (a 950 billion dollar company) 7 years to deliver an update that looks like an intern could do in 2 months and 2.) the changes we really have been asking for have not even been mentioned although we developers have pledged over 600 apps to the cause
  • Xcode 10: finally they brought the cold-folding back and their new build system is enabled by default. I guess most Swift developers will be disappointed that this is based on Swift 4.2 and not on Swift 5.

Unless you’ve won the WWDC lottery, some information is still hard to come by, so we’ll post more as it becomes available.