AppCode 2018.1 Released

Over at JetBrains they have released AppCode 2018.1, which is probably the most important alternative IDE to Xcode. There are far too many improvements to list here, including some Swift 4.1 support and support for RxSwift, which is quite cool. AppCode looks very very convincing on the feature-front, but the interface is so ugly Windows-like and nothing like a proper Mac-app as far as look&feel is concerned, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to actually use it. Even for a Windows-app the UI is bad, they really need to hire someone with user interface design experience, or at least someone with a sense of taste. But if Xcode continues its recent deterioration (we nominate it for our ‘Bug of the week’ feature for silently destroying a XIB file during refactoring just yesterday), AppCode may be the only way to go.
AppCode is listed on our apps & tools page along with a few dozen other essential apps for mac&iOS developers.

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