Offline Resources

The amazing guys over at have done it again and published their new book about ‘App Architecture – iOS Application Patterns in Swift’. This is probably the most interesting book launch of 2018 for Apple Developers. They discuss and compare five major application design patterns: MVC, MVVM, MVC+ViewState, MAVB, and “The Elm Architecture”. Also, staying true to their domain name, they promise to keep the ObjC angle covered too, for guys like us that still refuse to switch to Swift. Feel free to browse our “offline library” – perhaps you find some more interesting books there. (more…)

DotSwift 2018 Videos Online

Videos from the DotSwift 2018 in Paris are now online and there have been some interesting presentations! Check out the videos and bridge the gap until apple’s WWDC videos will be online – probably in June.

Upcoming conferences from our offline resources list:

  • UIKof May 13–16, 2018, Berlin
  • WWDC June 4–8 2018, San Jose (with additional conferences around the WWDC)
  • trySwift June 8 2018, San Jose
  • 360|iDev August 26–29 2018, Denver