Online Resources

SE-0054 Abolish ImplicitlyUnwrappedOptional has been implemented in recent Swift snapshots and eliminates some inconsistencies in type checking. Head over to the to learn more or listen to Episode 58 of ‘Swift Unwrapped’, which has been dedicated to this issue. Note that both the official blog as well as the ‘Swift Unwrapped’ Podcast are listed in our Online Resources Page along with countless other valuable resources. Introducing Related Projects to Swift Forums

Apple ^H^H^H^H^H has given some kind of official blessing to a number of Swift-related projects by hosting special sub-forums for these projects in the official Swift forums:

So, if you are into Swift, you should probably check out these ‘Blessed’ Swift Projects:

SwiftLint (code-style) as well as SwiftNIO (network-framework) and SwiftProtobuf (protobuf wrapper) are probably the ones of the most general interest.

Official Swift Forums

Again some news for the Swift-Community. This actually happened in January, but we are still catching up to the news that happened while we were preparing for the launch of ‘’. The motivation for our site has been the lack of resources for Apple-Developers. And one of the best news regarding these resources (besides the launch of our site, obviously) has been the launch of the official Swift Forums back in January.
It seems that the void that the demise of Apple Developer Mailing-Lists has left slowly gets filled – finally some good news regarding the awful lack of resources for Apple Developers.
Just one question, what’s with the ObjC developers?