Xcode 9.3 Released with Swift 4.1

Xcode 9.3 has been released by Apple. Interesting changes from the release notes:

  • 32-bit support is dropped. This is about time, since macOS has only supported 64-bit Macs since 10.7 (2011), Apple hasn’t offered a 32-bit Mac since 2007 and there were only a handful of 32-bit Intel Macs ever sold to begin with. Makes one wonder why Apple ever bothered with 32-bit Intel anyway.
  • the new energy organizer shows information about your iOS apps using ‘too much’ energy for apps distributed on the (iOS) App Store and Testflight
  • The debugger on macOS now requires the entitlement com.apple.security.get-task-allow to attach to apps. Apple seems to move in a direction where macOS is locked-down and you can’t debug random processes anymore. We foresee a lot of pain for low-level developers and security researchers.
  • Code-folding is still only working rudimentary, making the Xcode 9 series quite unusable
  • A lot of improvements for code coverage and new tool for parsing code coverage output, xccov.
  • Full Swift 4.1 support. We are detailing the Swift 4.1 changes in a separate post

Generally, Xcode 9.3 brings larger changes than Xcode 9.2 (release notes here) and 9.1 (release notes here) that mainly saw bug-fixes.

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