Offline Resources

Even nerds can't sunbath in cathode-ray-sunshine all day and night long - sometimes you need to open a book, meet other nerds or attend a conference to obtain the knowledge necessary to finish your super-awesome project.


Big Nerd Ranch books

The books written by the people at the Big Nerd Ranch have been excellent resources for Cocoa development especially the 'Cocoa Programming for OS X' book by Aaron Hillegass. Other books include 'Objective-C Programming', 'Swift Programming' and 'iOS Programming'. books

The geeks at have been writing excellent books on Advanced Swift and Core Data. books: App Architecture

The guys from have recently published a new book: App Architecture – iOS Application Patterns in Swift.They discuss and compare five major application design patterns … a book for developers that want to bring some structure in their code.

NSHipster books

NSHipster has been providing excellent articles about cocoa-development even for non-hipsters. You can now enjoy this through the Obscure Topics books for Objective-C and Swift as well as their low-level book CFHipsterRef and, obviously, the Fake Book.

The Complete Friday Q&A

Michael Ash's Friday Q&A has been been a fountain of low-level knowledge for years and you can now get all of it in book form!

Cocoa Design Patterns

"Cocoa Design Patterns" by Erik Buck explains how Cocoa development is done, mostly for those coming from other platforms.

Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach

"Mac OS X Internals" by Amith Singh is the most comprehensive investigation of the technical underpinnings of macOS and iOS you could ever wish for. However, as the name suggests, its a bit dated by now.

Objective-C Pocket Reference

Objective-C is a simple language that can be learned in an afternoon. The O'Reilly Pocket Reference is all you could ever need. Sadly it doesn't cover anything beyond Objective-C v1.

Amazon Hot New Cocoa

Not a book itself, but Amazon's category for hot & new apple-development books.



WWDC is the biggest developer-conference for all Apple-related development. Sadly, its so big that you can't get tickets. They should probably split it into Mac and iOS conferences.

try! Swift

The community-driven "try! Swift" conferences currently take place in San Jose, New York, Bangalore & Tokyo.

Swift Summit

The Swift Summit is an independent conference for Swift developers - taking place in San Francisco.


FrenchKit is a yearly iOS and macOS conference in France.


A yearly iOS conference taking place in Berlin.


dotSwift is 'the European Swift Conference', taking place annually in Paris.


360iDev is 'the Leading indie iOS/Mac Developer conference', in Denver.


Not a conference itself, but an up-to-date list of Cocoa Conferences. Great!



CocoaHeads is the worldwide group of cocoa-related meetups.


A meetup to discuss iOS and Swift & Objective-C related topics in downtown San Francisco. allows you to find cocoa-related meetups in your area.

Workshops, Trainings & Bootcamps

Big Nerd Ranch

The Big Nerd Ranch has been providing Cocoa development trainings and bootcamps since 2001. Yummi. Workshops

The gurus from provide Workshops for iOS and macOS developers now and then.

Swift by Northwest

Swift by Northwest is a 'learning experience', a conference and workshop all-in-one. Annually in Portland.

Forward Swift

Forward Swift provides workshops about Swift in San Francisco.

Swift Workshop

A one-day workshop specially for programming beginners in Swift. Located in Hong Kong.