Online Resources

Everything a nerd needs to become a master of cocoa developer can be found somewhere in the endless depths of the world wide web.


Apple Swift Blog

The official Apple Swift Blog contains articles about Swift features. Blog

The guys at have not only great articles, workshops, books and a vidcast, they also have a great blog.


Mike Ash's Friday Q&A is one of the best resources of low-level technical information for Mac and iOS development.

Swift Weekly Brief

An awesome weekly newsletter about news about the open source Swift implementation.


NSHipster is a top-notch journal aiming to document those secret gems in Apple's development frameworks.

Cocoa With Love

Matt Gallagher has one of the most active and interesting Cocoa-related blogs these days.

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

A great resource, Cocoa Is My Girlfriend features blog posts by different authors, all about Cocoa-development.

Hamster Emporium

Greg Parker is one of the most knowledgable people about low-level ObjC runtime stuff and he shares his wisdom on his blog.

Big Nerd Ranch

Greg Parker is one of the most knowledgable people about low-level ObjC runtime stuff and he shares his wisdom on his blog.

Nat!'s Journal

Nat!'s Journal at Mulle kybernetiK contains a lot of technical knowledge including low-level runtime stuff.


The blog of Wolf Rentzsch of mogenerator and mach_inject fame.

Ridiculous Fish

Ridiculous Fish of Hex Fiend fame has a great blog mixing insights into physics, mathematics, low-level hacking and much more.

Indie Stack

Daiel Jalkut hacks the Mac, iOS and more for us at his blog.

Erica Sadun

Erica Sadun of fame has an insightful Swift-related blog.

Russ Bishop

Russ Bishop is an Apple Engineer and blogs about Objective-C and Swift stuff.

Call Me Fishmeal

Wil Shipley's blog on Apple-development and Fishmeal.

Andyy Hope

Andyy Hope from down-under has a great Swift-related blog.


Marcel Weiher of Objective-Smalltalk and MPWFoundation fame has a great blog. He also writes great books.

Cocoa Samurai

Colin Wheeler is Cocoa Developer & Enthusiast working on Mac & iOS apps and blogs like a Samurai.

Desolation of Blog

Jeff Johnson's blog features notes of interest for Objective-C and Swift developers.

Weaponized Fluff

Andrew Pontious's blog talks mostly, but not always, about developing for Apple devices.

Peter Steinberger

Peter Steinberger's blog is mostly about iOS development.


The name says it all - sadly Nolan O'Brian's blog hasn't been updated since 2013.

Fun with Objective-C

This was fun while it lasted, but hasn't been updated since 2011.


Scott Stevenson's Theocacao has once been among the top Cocoa blogs, but hasn't been updated since 2009. Swift Programming

A meta-blog collection of articles from blogs on Swift programming.


Apple Developer Documentation

The official Apple Developer Documentation should be your bookmark #1 for all things related to Mac & iOS development. Issues

The Issues are high quality and in-depth articles about cocoa development topics. Published monthly and awesome.

Cocoa Literature List

Probably THE resource for categorised links to Cocoa development resources. Awesome but last updated in 2014.

Cocoa Dev

Cocoa Dev once has been the first resource for Cocoa development knowledge. It hasn't been updated for decades but the archive still contains a lot of valuable information. Where have all the geeks gone?

Cocoa Dev Central

This has been one of the most important Mac developer sites before 2006, when it was last updated. Still contains useful tutorials and links.

Michel Weber's Objective-C Links

A great collection of links related to Objective-C development.


AppCoda is "on of the leading tutorial sites for app developers and anyone who want to learn iOS programming". They also provide courses, workshops and marketing resources.

Mulle kybernetiK

Mulle kybernetiK features high-quality and low-level articles, especially the 'Optimizing Objective-C code' article series should be read by every Cocoa developer.

Fucking NSImage Syntax

A great resource to see all those image templates Apple wants you to use in your Mac apps.


Probably all the cocoa-development resources died down because everyone is just asking on StackOverflow these days when they get stuck.


Swift Unwrapped

Swift Unwrapped is "a 30-minute spin off of Swift Weekly Brief and other Swifty news".


NSBrief is "a podcast for Cocoa developers talking about interesting developer-y stuff".

Core Intuition

"A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies."


A podcast mainly focused on Swift and iOS.

"Inside iOS dev is a weekly show about real world iOS development."

Inside iOS Dev

A cocoa-development podcast in french.


This is a iOS-development podcast in German.

iOS-Development Podcasts

Not a podcast itself, but this is the definitive up-to-date guide on iOS development podcasts.


Apple WWDC Videos

Not strictly a Vidcast, but Apple's Developer Videos and especially the recordings of the WWDC sessions are probably the single best resource for Apple-related development.

Swift Talk

Swift Talk is a weekly video series on Swift programming.


Here you can watch all talks from the last dotSwift-conference.

Mailing-lists & Forums

Apple Developer Forums

The official Apple Developer Forums these days. Sadly Apple insists on using possibly the worst forum software on the planet.

Swift Forums

If you are a Swift-person we would recommend you to join the official community-forum and get schwifty!

3rd Party Developer Forums

Discussion forums for cocoa development outside of Apple are pretty limited but there are a few helpful links available. Your best bet is to learn german and go to the OS X Entwicklerforum.

Apple Development Mailing-lists

Apple's mailing lists have been the first stop for help with apple-development for years - especially the 'cocoa-dev' list. Nowadays this is replaced by forums and StackOverflow, but there is still a ton of useful information in there.